Pneumatic Air Brake System Dryer w/ Governor and A Port Plug

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SKU: BAP5004050X
Pneumatic Air Brake System Dryer with Governor and A Port Plug.
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These air dryers form a part of the pneumatic brake system commonly installed on commercial trucks, buses, trailers, and railroad trains. They are used to remove water vapor, moisture, oil impurities from compressed air. The process of air compression raises the dew point of the compressed air relative to free atmospheric air; it generates condensation within pipes which can cause problems like corrosion brake system malfunctioning, and reduces maintenance costs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Primary Port: 1/4" NPT
  • Primary Port Opening Pressure: 103 PSI
  • Secondary Port: 1/4" NPT
  • Port A: Plug
  • Secondary Port Opening Pressure: 109PSI
  • Accessory Ports Opening Pressure: 09PSI
  • Suspension Port Opening Pressure: 109PSI
  • Heater: 12-Volts DC, 90W

Comes with Safety Caps to Protect the Threads and Mechanism prior Installation.

May also Work as a Replacement for Part: 800383, 060-800383, 5004050, 5004050X, R5004050, FLTAD0383, BW800383, BWR5004050, BW5004613, BW5003424, 745-800383, TWDBEN800383, BEN800383, BAN800383, BX5004050B1, BX800383, ZAC800383, 800383BXW, 5003424.

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