Peterbilt Air Cleaner Bracket w/ Eight 17 LED Lights - Amber LED/Amber Lens

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SKU: 39860
Peterbilt Stainless Front Air Cleaner Bracket w/ Eight 17 LED Dual Function Watermelon Lights & Stainless Visors - Amber LED/Amber Lens
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S.S. Peterbilt Front Air Cleaner with Eight 17 LED Watermelon Style Clearance/Marker Light
Available with Amber Lens, Dual Function Light Item # (39731B x 8)
Available with Stainless Steel Bezel with Visor Item # (30317흎)
S.S. Front Air Cleaner Bracket Item # (30975-1)
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 10474
Stainless Steel Light Visor
Lip-Up Glass Cab Light Visor
Perfect for LED Honda Lights
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 30180-1
2-Fil Bulb Holder Base/Socket Bracket
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 30975-1
Stainless Steel Peterbilt Front Air Cleaner Bracket with 8 Light Cutouts
Each Bracket has 4 Light Cutouts, Fits 8 Light Cutouts
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 39731B
Round Auxiliary/Cab Light with 17 LEDs, Watermelon Style Lens
17 Amber LED w/ Amber Lens
Fully Sealed, Fits Existing Light Housing, Dual Function
Hard Wired with Three .180 Plugs
Dimensions 3 5/16" Dia x 2 3/8" H
Warranty 6 Months


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