Parking Problem and Booting

In this day and age everyone gets frustrated when searching for parking, but when you’re driving an 18-wheeler, finding a spot to take a break or park overnight can be an unnerving and daunting task. Primarily, that’s because there are about 1.5 million truck drivers on the road and at any point in time yet fewer than 400,000 available parking spots. Some industry stakeholders say the problem is not so much about enough parking and more about finding available parking spaces. Others say the ELD mandate is to blame. Addressing the issue will require taking both opinions into account. So this article aims to do just that.

Appreciating a Driver: The Essentiality of Truck Drivers
Every day, over 3.6 million experienced truck drivers take to the roadways to transport the food we eat, the medication we depend on, and the clothing we wear.
Almost every item in your house or workplace was carried by truck, so it's vital to acknowledge the men and women we rely so heavily upon.
Trucks and truck drivers travel through our lives, constantly working hard to make safe, on-time deliveries.

Women in the Trucking Industry

When Considering the US Employment, women make up 47% of the entire workforce. Astonishingly, when it comes to women in trucking the numbers seem to be minuscule in comparison. Recent trends show that the historic gender norms in trucking are fading fast, as the expansion of e-Commerce and distribution has created a boom in the labor market. With record-low unemployment, employers are having to look outside of their traditional labor pools for every role in the supply chain, especially for drivers, hence turning to women.

Cybersecurity and Big Rigs

Concerned about Cybersecurity ?

In the initial years of digital technology and connectivity being infused with automobile, researchers took to show that they could hack a Chevy Impala or a Jeep Cherokee to hijack their steering and disable the vehicles' brakes, the findings were an alarming wakeup call to the consumer in the automobile industry. However, industrial automakers are still in line for for a reminder that they, also are selling susceptible computer networks that are connected to their vehicles, these are moving vehicles with carrying weights of 33,000 pounds and upwards. In recent times, breaches of cyber security and other similar incidents have generated continuing discussions both inside and outside the trucking industry and community.

The Costs of Trucking

Over the past decade the cost of trucking has been rising and it does not look like it will slow down anytime soon. In order to be profitable, one should manage these variations in operating costs. First and foremost, one must be aware of what these costs are, and then what solutions can help to minimize the impact they have on the bottom line. Especially when trucking companies are closing down abruptly at a rate never seen or heard before.

The Impact of the 1980 Motor Carrier Act on the Truck Industry

The Impact of the 1980 Motor Carrier Act on the Truck Industry

Whenever we think of blue-collar occupations that have declined in status, salary, and working conditions, we usually blame technology or labor outsourcing to other countries.

Trucking remains resilient to outsourcing. Also, self-driving innovation is yet to replace any driver. Nonetheless, its income, status, and working conditions have declined recently.

President Jimmy Carter enacted the Motor Carrier Act (MCA) in 1980, deregulating the business and transforming truckers into independent contractors. Most drivers now own their vehicles and are employed by trucking firms, which are employed by enterprises that ship via a port. Drivers are in charge of upkeep, route planning, and parking cost.

A Guide to Purchasing a Big Rig

Buying a big rig can be difficult for small businesses due to the high initial cost involved in it. Buying it is not much of a problem, but the cost of its maintenance is the thing to worry about. The main costs to consider are gas mileage and tires etc. First of all, it is vital for you to make sure that you are aware of what is best for your company.

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