Peterbilt Stainless Bracket Twelve 19 LED Beehive - Amber LED/Clear Lens

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Peterbilt Stainless Front Air Cleaner Bracket with Twelve 19 LED Beehive Lights and Bezels - Amber LED/Clear Lens
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Stainless Steel Peterbilt Air Cleaner Kit with 19 LED Marker Lights
19 Amber LED w/ Clear Lens Beehive Style Light Item # 38461B
Available w/ Chrome Plastic Bezel Item # 39209B
Stainless Steel Air Cleaner Light Bracket Available Separately: Item # (30988-1) 12 Light Cutouts
Warranty 6 Months
Item # 30988-1
Stainless Steel Peterbilt Front Air Cleaner Bracket with 12 Light Cutouts
Each Bracket has 6 Light Cutouts, Fits 12 Lights Total
Dimensions 26"L x 3 7/8" W x 1 5/16" H
Warranty 6 Months
Item # 38461
19 Amber LED Cab Light with Beehive Lens
Available w/ Clear Lens
Fits Grakon 1000 Cab Light
Fully Sealed, Proper Installation Requires Use of OEM Rubber Gasket
2 Wires (Hard Wired)
Warranty 10 Years
Item # 39209B
Chrome Plastic Flush Mount Base Without Visor for Grakon 1000 Style LED Auxiliary/Cab Lights
Fits United Pacific Item # 38313, 38462, 38312, 38461, 39457 and 39458
2 Possible Mounting Positions
Mounting Studs can be 1 13/16" or 3" Apart
Includes Mounting Hardware
Warranty 6 Months

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